Company Details Bartlett are a well trusted manufacturer of professional quality cooking equipment and as such Bartlett machines can be found in commercial kitchens up and down the country. A S Catering Supplies have a lot of experience in supplying Bartlett spare parts and can source parts for a wide range of Bartlett equipment including ovens such as the F30G/911; bain-maries like the TF1603; bratt pans such as the BZE-850; fryers such as the D11G; grills like the F25G; hot-cupboards like the A19E; steamers like the E10G and boilers like the C11E. A large number of these parts can be purchased through our website including commonly replaced items such as heating elements, thermostats, control knobs and gaskets. AS Catering Supplies online list of Bartlett spares is not exhaustive and if the part you require is not currently shown we may still be able to source it for you. The majority of theses spare parts are model and serial number specific so please do ask if you are unsure. As your Bartlett equipment gets older it may become increasingly difficult to find spare parts but please give the experienced A S Catering Supplies team a ring and they will do all they can to find you a replacement part; if it’s out there we will find it and we’ll have the equipment that is so valuable to your kitchen back up and running again.

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Bartlett Parts
1/4"" Gunmetal Hex Nipple - Bartlett
O Ring Spindle M5G2(BA10S2)
Washer on Sight Glass M13E - Barlett
OBM2/16WT Pre-Set Thermostat
XB1HE/18 Bartlett Bain Marie Simmerstat
Strip element - Bartlett Camelot CBMH/7012
Element - 4.5 Kw Bartlett BZE-850 Bratt Pan
Bartlett D11E/45 Fryer Working Thermostat
Bartlett D11G/602 Fryer Thermostat High Limit
Safety Themostat - Bartlett D11E/45 D11E/60 Fryer
Safety Stat D11G/452/D11E/45
Control thermostat - Bartlett D10G Fryer
D11G Thermostat - Bartlett Fryer
Control Thermostat - Bartlett D35G 401
Working Thermostat - Bartlett Yeoman D11G/451
Fryer Control Knob- Bartlett D11G/601
Unitrol Gas Control Knob - Barlett D11G-451
Ego Thermostat Bartlett Fryer Thermostat
Thermopile - Bartlett D35G401Fryer
Thermocouple Interrupter and Body - Bartlett
Fryer Basket - Bartlett D35G/401 Fryer
High limit thermostat (c/w glands) - Bartlett
Splash Guard - Bartlett D11G/601
Convertion Kit ( D11G-601) WA3013/2 N/G to LP
Bartlett D119/60 Yeoman Fryer Basket
Basket - 360mmx150mmx150mm - Bartlett Yeoman
Control Knob for Bartlett Spirit Fryer
Bartlett Thermostat Fixing Gland
Bartlett D35G401 Gas fryer Control Thermostat
Gas Governor - 1/2"" Gas pressure regulator /
Knob - Barlett Fryer D11G/451
1.75mm Injector - Bartlett D11G/301 Fryer
LPG Control Gas Valve - Bartlett Yeoman D11G/601 Fryer
Heating Element - Bartlett 014545 Fryer
Element - Bartlett Yeoman D11E/45 D11E/60 Oven
Main Burner Injector (1.7) Barltett D35G401
Pilot Injector (LPG) -Bartlett D35G/401 Fryer
Burner Jet LPG - Bartlett D11G/451 Fryer
Burner injector - Bartlett D11G/601 Fryer
Interrupter & Housing - Bartlett D11G/451 D11
Interrupter Housing - Bartlett D11G/451
Ignition Lead - Bartlett Yeoman D11G/451 Gas
Pilot Injector (LPG) - Bartlett D11G/451
900mm Thermocouple - Bartlett Yeoman D11G45
1000mm Thermocouple - Bartlett D11G/301 Fryer
Bartlett Fryer Thermostat Gland
Pilot Assembly Bartlett D10G Fryer
Tube Nut - Bartlett Yeoman D11G/451 Gas Fryer
Pilot Burner Olive- Bartlett Yeoman D11G/451
Bracket - Bartlett Yeoman D11G/451 Gas Fryer
Injector - Bartlett Yeoman D11G/451 Gas
Ignition Probe - Bartlett Yeoman D11G/451 Gas
Nut - Barltett Yeoman D11G/451 Gas Fryer
Thermocouple - Bartlett Yeoman D11G/451 Gas
Interrupter - Bartlett Yeoman D11G/451 Gas
Fryer Basket (336mm x 143mm 143mm) - Bartlett
Double Piezo Ignitor c/w Plastic lock nut
Control Gas Valve - Bartlett Yeoman D11G/601
Thermocouple Bartlett Yeoman D11G-601
Blanking Plate for Valve - Bartlett D11G/451
Bartlett Fryer Themostat - Robertshaw
Thermocouple - Bartlett Fryer D35G 401
Bartlett D35 / G401 Sprirt Fryer - Thermopile
Handle - Bartlett
Bartlett F20E Yeoman Grill Element
Grill Brander Handle - Bartlet Yeoman F25G/8
F20G/6 Bartlett Grill NG Nozzle
Natural Gas Burner Jet -Bartlett F20G/6 Grill
Burner (LPG) - Bartlett Yeoman F25G/8 Grill
LP Gas Main Injector - Bartlett F23G/8 Grill
Gas Burner - Bartlett F21G/8 F21G/8 F56G
Element - Bartlett Yeoman F25E8 Grill
Brander Plate - F21G Bartlett Power Grill
Brander Plate - Bartlett F56G F21G Power
Shield for Handle - Bartlett F20G6 Grill
Wire Grill - Bartlett F20G6 F20E6 Grill
Thermocouple 600mm - Bartlett F20G/6 Grill
Control Knob - Bartlett Yeoman F20G/6 Grill
Socket Connector - Bartlett A19E Hot Cupboard
Quartz Lamp 300w (tube) Bartlett A19E
Thermostat - Bartlett A19E Hot Cupboard
Minisit Gas Valve - Bartlett A18G-12
Pilot Head Bartlett A17G/7512 Plate Warmer
Injector/A Assy Bartlett A17G/7512 Plate
Bracket For Pilot Bartlett A17G/7512 Plate
Pilot Clamp Bartlett A17G/7512 Plate Warmer
Pilot Clamp Screw Bartlett A17G/7512 Plate
Pilot Tube Connect Bartlett A17G/7512 Plate
Fan Motor left Hand - Bartlett Excalibur
Element 500wt W Shape - Bartlett Hot Cupboard
Element 750w 240v- Bartlett A17E Hot Cupboard
3kwt 300mm Fan Heater Element - Bartlett XBSHE/18
Electrode Bartlett A17G/7512 Plate Warmer
HT Lead for Pactrol Unit - Bartlett E16G Oven
Electrode Assembly - Bartlett F35G/911 Oven
Batlett Oven Pilot Assembly
Element - Bartlett F30E/932 F18E/914 F30E-93
Door catch - Bartlett Spirit F35G/911B Oven
Oven Burner Jets - Bartlett Yeoman F30G 911
Air Heater Element - Bartlett E22E/6 Oven
Temperature Control Knob Bartlett CBMDH/7009
Control Knob Bartlett Oven
Burner Control Knob - Bartlett F30G/911 Oven
Motor Shaft Adaptor - Bartlett Oven
Fan Motor Impellor - Bartlett E16E Oven
Fan Blade - Bartlett Yeoman 430GE/914 Oven
NG Injector - Bartlett E10G Oven
Injector Gas Burner Jet Hob - Bartlett Yeoman
LPG Burner Jet - Bartlett Yeoman F30G/911
NG Oven Injector - Bartlett E10G Oven
Thermocouple - Bartlett E17G Oven
D10G Thermocouple 1000mm
Ceramic Glass Top - Bartlett F30E/932 Oven
1/2"" Gas Governor - Bartlett G30G/911
Bartlett E16/E 2.5kwt Elements Behind Fan
Bartlett Steamer Element Gasket
Lamp Gasket - Bartlett E16G Oven
Door Gasket - Bartlett E22E Harmony 6 Grid
Door Gasket - Bartlett E22E/1010 Oven
Door Seal - Bartlett E15E/TT Oven
Door Seal - 2 Piece Yeoman F30G/911 F35G/911B
Door Gasket - Bartlett F30G/911 Oven
Oven Door Gasket Barlett F18G 4 Burner
Door Gasket - Bartlett Convection Oven
Spark Generator For Pactrol Unit - Bartlett
Square Element Top - Bartlett F30E932 Oven
F18E 1.7Kwt Hob Element List
F18E Oven Hob Control Thermostat
Oven Thermostat - Bartlett F30E-932 F32G/911
Electrode Lead - Bartlett F30G/911 D14G/451
Meat probe Selector Switch - Bartlett
Bartlett F30E932 Oven Hob Element 2.1kw 230mm
Thermal Cut - Bartlett Yeoman Oven
Temperature Control - Bartlett Oven
PCB - Bartlett F32911NG Oven
Pactrol / Control Box - Bartlett E16G Oven
Ignition Control Unit - Bartlett D11G Oven
PCB - Bartlett E22G-10 E22E Steam Oven
Relay Board - Bartlett E22G-10 Steam Oven
Adjustable Foot - Bartlett D14E45
Swivel breaked castor - Bartlett Yeoman F30G
Fixed castor - Bartlett Yeoman F30G Oven
Thermostat -Bartlett D35 G401
Working Thermostat - Bartlett D11E/451
Gas Valve Tap - Bartlett F35G/911B Oven Range
F18G/911NG Hob Gas Control Valve
Burner Ring Cap - Bartlett F35/G911 Oven
Burner Head - Bartlett F35G/911 Oven
Hob Jet - Bartlett Spirit Oven F35G/911B
Bartlett Oven Range Burner Venturi
Oven Burner - Bartlett F30G/911
Bartlett Oven Hob Cast Iron Burner Cap
Bartlett Oven Range Hob Burner Ring
Burner Support - Barlett Yeoman 6 Burner F30G
Venturi - Bartlett Yeoman F30G
Pre Ce Burner Support - F30G Bartlett Yeoman
Oven Cavity Lamp Holder - Bartlett E18E E186
Pilot & NG Jet - -Bartlett D35 G401
Burner - Barlett Arrow E15 Oven
Control Relay - Bartlett CS3-40E
AEG Contactor - Bartlett - Oven - E22E-10
Contactor 0A - Bartlett Yeoman F30 GE-914
Pilot bracket - Bartlett E17G Oven
Pilot injector - Bartlett E17G Oven
Pilot tube nut - Bartlett E17G Oven
Olive for pilot tube - Bartlett E17G Oven
Spark Electrode - Bartlett E22G F30G Oven
Electrode nut - Bartlett E17G Oven
Piezo ignitor - Bartlett A20G/7512 Hot
Electrode Bartlett F30G 911 F32G/911
Burner thermocouple - Bartlett Yeoman
FFD Valve - Bartlett F35G-911B Oven
Oven Hob Thermocouple Bartlett Yeoman
1000m Oven Thermocouple - Bartlett F35G/911B
FFD - Bartlett E17G Gas Oven Range
Ignition Electrode - Bartlett E17G Oven
Oven Thermostat - Bartlett E17G E16E E18E
Oven Thermostat - Bartlett F18G/921
Bypass Screw - Bartlett Spirit Oven F35G0911B
LPG Stat Bypass Screw - Bartlett Yeoman
LPG stat by-pass screw 0.7mm - Bartlett
Thermostat Bypass Screw - Bartlett F30G/911
Hi Limit Thermostat - Bartlett Oven
Control Thermostat - Alternative SGT 161
Oven Thermostat - Bartlett F30G-911 F35G/911
Meat Probe Bartlet Harmony 10 Oven
Thermocouple - Bartlett Harmony 10 Oven
Bartlett E18G / 611 Red Control Knob
Rubber Seating M5G2(BA10S) - Bartlett
Element O-ring - Bartlett Oven
Door Catch -Barlett Oven E16G
Pin - Bartlett E14G
Bartlett Timer 88256.4 60min
Drain Valve - Bartlett D35G
Gas Solenoid Valve - Bartlet Sabre E16G Oven
Bartlett M13G Boiler Solenoid Valve
Bartlett Steam Solenoid Valve 3/8
Bartlett Double Solenoid Valve - 1 Only
Gas control unit - Bartlett E16G Oven
Amber neon - Bartlett D14E45 Oven Range
Oven Bulb - Bartlett E21E
Rocker switch - Bartlett E16G Oven
Bartlet E8GU Oven Shelves # Obsolete #
Bartlet E8GU Oven Shelves # Obsolete #
Oven Shelf - Bartlett E16G Convection Oven
Spindle nut - Bartlett Yeoman 430GE/914
Olive for Sight Glass/Seal - Bartlett
Relay Motor - Bartlett E16G E15E Oven
Latching Switch - Bartlett
EGO Energy Regulator Bartlett Bain Marie
Energy Regulator - Bartlett CBMDH/7009 Oven
Door Microswitch - Preston V3FQ1/Bartlett
Float Switch - Bartlett E22E10 Harmony 10
Oven Jet - Bartlett Spirit Oven F35G0911B
Bartlett Yeoman F20E-6 Control Switch
Bartlett D10G Thermostat Knob
Blank Data Label - Bartlett Yeoman F30G/911
Lamp Holder - Barlett E21E Oven
Glass Lamp Cover - Bartlett E16G E17G E21E
Oven Lamp Complete - Bartlett E17G E16G Oven
Oven lamp - Bartlett E16/E E17G
Bartlett Lamp Assembly Kit
Amber Lens Cover - Bartlett Oven E15G
Red Lens Cover - Bartlett Oven E15G
Supply Neon - Bartlett E16G E15G Oven
Green Lens Cover - Bartlett Oven E15G
Door Catch Bartlett Yeoman F30G911 E36G 902
Oven Fan Motor - Bartlett E16E E16G E17G
Fan Motor -Bartlett Yeoman E36E-901 F30GE/914
Yeoman F32G/911NG Oven Fan Motor
Gasket Clips (15 Clips) - Bartlett F35 G911
Ceran Glass - Bartlett F30E932 Oven
Amber Switch Cover - Bartlett E17E Oven
**Green Switch Cover - Bartlett E17E Oven
Bartlett Door Catch
Bartlett 2.5m White Heat Proof Cable
Bartlett F18G/911 Thermocouple
Bartlett Yeoman F14E 2 Kwt Hob Element
Oven Thermostat - Bartlett F18G/921
Bartlett CH10E21 Electric Oven Element
Bartlett F32/911 Oven Sensor Lead
Bartlett F35G911B Handle Complete
Double pan support - Bartlett Oven - Spirit
Double Pan Support - Bartlett Yeoman F35G/911
Oven Thermostat Knob - Bartlett F35G-911B
Burner Control Knob - Bartlett F35G/911B
Leads - Bartlett Harmony E22G Oven
Red Door Handle - Bartlett F30G/911
Spark Electrode - -Bartlett Oven D35 G401
Piezo Ignitor - Bartlett F30G/G11
Short Gas Tube (Front) - Bartlett F30G/911 Oven
Oven Shelf (Size 695x500mm) - Bartlett
Door Catch Assembly - Bartlett Oven
Ceramic Top - Bartlett F30E/032
LPG Gas Burner Jet - Falcon G1160 G350/1
Lemac Oven Motor 125w 240v 1425 Rpm
Bartlett F14G913 Oven Spares
Long Gas Tube (Back) - Bartlett F30G/911 F32G/911 Oven
Mains Terminal Block Bartlett F30E-932 Oven
Conversion Kit NG to LPG - Bartlett F35G Oven
Fan Motor Bartlett Harmony E22E/6 Oven
3Kw Element Bartlett Harmony E22E/20 Oven
Thermostat c/w Knob - Bartlett F30G
Hob Burner Brass Ring - Bartlett Yeoman F308/
Lamp and Lamp Holder - Bartlett E22E/6 Oven
Side Mounted Relay/Steam Generator Contactor
Float Valve - Bartlett E10E Steamer
Ball Float Plastic - Bartlett E10E Steamer
FFD Inlet 1/2"" BSP - Bartlett E10G Steamer
Float Switch - Bartlett E18E Steamer
Bartlett E21E Oven Lamp Assy
Bartlett E18E/6 Steamer Timer
Door Gasket / Seal - Bartlett E15G Steamer
S512911 Gas Boiler Thermostat
Pilot Assembly - Bartlett E10G Oven
Door Catch Block - Bartlet E10G Steamer
Six Tray Runner - Bartlett - Steamer - E10G
Top Hinge - Bartlett E10G Steamer
Hinge Block - Bartlett E10G Steamer
Bottom Hinge - Bartlett E10G Steamer
Door Handle Assembly - Bartlett E10G Steamer
Bartlett E10G Oven Steamer Wire Shelf
Door Seal Barlett E14G Steamer
Base / Body Gasket - Barlett Steamer
Gasket - Bartlett E10G E10E Steamer
Oven Injector - Barlett E10G Steamer
LPG Pilot Injector - Barlett E10G Steamer
Immersion Steamer Element BARTLETT HARMONY -
Steamer Element - Bartlett E10E E15E
Bartlett M15E Boiler 2.5 Kwt Element
Sight Glass - Bartlett M5G LPG Water Boiler
Tap (Lever) - Bartlett C11E C11E C116 C11E16
Pressure Switch - Bartlett C11E C11E C116
Vacuum Valve - Bartlett C11E C11E C116 C11E16
O Ring - Bartlett Kettle
Handle - Barlett C11E C11E/6 C11E16 Kettle
Handle Wheel - Barlett Barlett C11E C11E/6
Safety Valve - Bartlett C11E C11E C116 C11E16
Body Gasket - Bartlett M15E Boiler
Spout - Bartlett Water Boiler
Swivel Arm- Bartlett C11E C11E/6 C11E16
Bartlett Trough Screw Brass
Bartlett washer Set 3/4"" PDT