Company Details Infrico is the Spanish leader in the manufacture of commercial refrigeration equipment. Infrico make commercial refrigeration from bottle coolers to bespoke cold rooms the range is designed to make work hassle free and hygienic as possible, provide maximum insulation and great storage space, while making cleaning and maintenance easier.

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Infrico Parts
Unbraked Castor - Infrico - Fridge - FMPP2000
Braked Castor - Infrico - Fridge - FMPP2000
Evaporator Coil - Infrico EFP1000
Compressor 301D08 - Infrico MP2300 Fridge
Compressor (Danfoss SC12G) - Infrico
Compressor (NEK616OZ) - Infrico ZX10 Bottle
Compressor - Infrico AGN301
Compressor - Infrico - BMPP150011
Compressor - Infrico AGN602 Fridge
Condensor Coil - Infrico MP2300 Fridge
Condenser Coil - Infrico BMGN1876 BMGN1960EN
Condensor Coil - Infrico Chiller ZX20
Condenser - Infrico ZX10 bottle cooler
Dixell Controller - Infrico Fridge ZX10 ZX20 ZX1
Dixell Controller AGB701 - Infrico VC2010
Carel Controller - Infrico ME1000EN Fridge
Controller - Infrico - Fridge - VET8DP
Drain Connector from Evap Drip Tray Infrico
Fridge Dixel Controller BMPP15011 XW40L
Bottom Right hand door hinge - Infrico Fridge
Hinge Pin M6X10 - Infrico MP1740 Chiller
Hinge kit - Infrico BMGN1876 Fridge / Freezer
R/H Glass Door - Infrico ZX10 Bottle Cooler
R/H Glass Door - Infrico ZX10 Bottle Cooler
Infrico ZXS10 Aluminium Door Complete
Door Handle - Infrico ME1000EN Fridge
Spacer (top of door) - Infrico BMGN1960EN
Lock & Key - Infrico ZXS1 NZS1 ZX1 Bottle Cooler
SUPERSEDED L Hinge Insert - Infrico ME1003EN BMGN1960EN
LH Hinge Plate Top and Bottom - Infrico BMPP200EN
R/H & L/H Hinge Brackets - Infrico Series 700
Lower Door Hinge Support - Infrico
Infrico BMGN1960EN Fridge Hinge for Top Cover
Door Plastic Left Hand Hinged 800mm Infrico
Plastic Bush - Infrico ZX10 Fridge
Left hand Hinged Door - Infrico BMP2000
L/H or R/H Aluminium Door - Infrico - ZX20
Door Hinge Pin - Infrico ZXS2 Bottle Cooler
Top Hinge Infrico ZS10 Fridge
Bottom Hinge Infrico ZS10 Fridge
R/H Glass Sliding Door - Infrico Z2/SL Fridge
Black Sliding Door Handle - Infrico Z2/SL
L/H Glass Sliding Door - Infrico Z2/SL Fridge
LH/RH Hinged Door - Infrico ZX20 Chiller
Shaft Cover Support - Infrico - ZXS2
Hinge Bracket - Infrico ZXS2 Fridge
Plug - Infrico ZXS2 Fridge
Wired Door Heater - Infrico - AN501BTCR
Complete Glass Door - Infrico - AN501BTCR
Hinge Booster Spring - Infrico - AN501BTCR
RH Drawer Runner - Infrico - Fridge - PN22/PTL
LH Drawer Runner - Infrico - Fridge - PN22/PTL
Hinge Plate - Infrico - AGN701
Hinge Top Plate - Infrico - Bottle Cooler - Z10
Pair of Drawer Slides - Infrico - MSG1400
Support Hub Hinge - Infrico - ZXS2
Drain Plug / Collar - Infrico - Fridge - BMPP2000II
Condenser Drip Tray - Infrico ME1000- Fridge
Evap Drip Tray - Infrico MSG1400
Evaporator Drip Tray - Infrico ZX2 Bottle
Vaporiser Tray - Infrico ZX10 NZ1 Z1 Bottle Cooler
Evaporator Drip Dray Infrico AN50TF Fridge
SUPERSEDED Vaporiser Tray - Infrico Z2SL Bottle Cooler
Superseded - External Condensate/Vaporiser Tray - Infrico MZ2 NZ1 NZ2 Fridge
Condensate Drip Tray - Infrico BMPP1500EN
Drip Tray Heater - Infrico AGN1400
Heater Mat - Infrico Prep.Fridge BMGN1470
Drain Heater - Infrico BMPP1500BT Fridge
Evaporator c/w Drip Tray Infrico BMPP1500BT
Evaporator Assembly - Infrico ME1003 PIZZA Fridge
Evaporator - Infrico EFP100011 Bottle cooler
Evaporator Coil - Infrico NZ2 Chiller
Evaporator Coil - Infrico ZX3 Chiller
Evaporator - Infrico BMPP1500 Fridge
Evaporator Coil - Infrico BMGN1960
Evaporator - Infrico ZX2 ZX3 BAR2
Evaporator - Infrico MP1740 Fridge
Evaporator - Infrico BMPP250011 BMPP260011 Fridge
Evaporator - Infrico Undercounter fridge
Evaporator Coil Infrico ZS10 Wine Cooler
Evaporator - Infrico MPL2300 MP2300
Evaporator Assembly - Infrico MR2190PDC
Evaporator - Infrico BMPP200011 Fridge
Evaporator - Infrico AGN701
Evaporator Coil - Infrico BMGN1554EN
Evaporator Coil - Infrico BMGN1470 Fridge
Evaporator - Infrico BMGN1960EN
Evaporator Coil - Infirco ME100EN Fridge
Evaporator - Infrico - Fridge - AGN1402
Evap Coil - Infrico - Fridge - ZXS20
Evaporator Plate - Infrico ZX20
Evaporator - Infrico - Fridge - MR93
Baffle Infrico BMPP2000 Fridge
Filter Drier 50g - Infrico ZS1
Capillary - Infrico NZ2 fridge (3m length)
SUPERSEDED Gasket ME1000/1003 Push In 490x455mm
Door Gasket 800mm x 425mm - Infrico NZ2
Infrico Fridge Drawer 1/2 Gasket Push in
Retainer Door Gasket - Infrico AGN701 Fridge
Retainer Door Seal - Infrico MP2125 Fridge
Drawer Gasket - Infrico MP1740 Fridge
Door Gasket - Infrico NZ1 NZ2 NZS1 ZX1 Bottle Cooler
Drawer 1/3 Gasket Push in - Infrico Fridge
Door Gasket Push In - Infrico Fridge models
Retainer Door Seal - Infrico BMGN1876 Fridge
Door Seal - Infrico NZ10 ZXS10 ZX10 Fridge
Door Seal Push In - Infrico ME1000EN ME1003II ME1003FN Fridge
Retainer Door Seal - Infrico ME1000EN ME1003FN Fridge
Infrico Fridge Door Seal (retainer) - models
Push In Door Gasket - Infrico AGN701 Fridge
Door Seal (420x780mm) - Infrico - FMPP1500
Door Seal - Infrico - Fridge - ESC60
Door Seal - Infrico BMPP 200011 Fridge
Door Seal - Infrico AGN301 AGN602 Chiller
Push-fit door seal - Infrico ZX20 Fridge
Door Gasket - Infrico AN501 AN1002 AN1603TF AEX500TF
Door Seal - Infrico - Fridge - AN601TF
Door Gasket - Infrico - Z2
Door Gasket (push-fit)- Infrico VC1400
Handle - Infrico VIP1490T VIP1330B1/3T Fridge
Grey Handle 13.5cm - Infrico NZS1 NZ2 Fridge
Door Handle Infrico NZ3 Bottle Cooler
Rectangular Style Door Handle INFRICO ZX1
Handle Cup Style INFRICO Fridge ZX1 ZX10
D-Shaped Door Handle - Infrico Salad Bar
Top Lid Handle - Infrico ME1003EN Fridge
Lock + key for Sliding Door - Infrico D921 Fridge
Heater Mat - Infrico ME1000/1003 Pizza Fridge
Condensate Tray Heater - Infrico Fridge
Condensate Tray - Infrico BMGN1360EN NZ2
End Cover for Lamp - Infrico ZS3 ZX2 ZX10 Bottle Cooler
Cover for Lamp - Infrico ZS3 NZ3 Bottle Cooler
Starter - Infrico ZS3 Z1 Z3 ZX20 ZX10 Bottle Cooler
Lamp Tube Holder - Infrico ZS3 Z1 Z2 Z3 ZX10 Bottle Cooler
Choke for Lamp - Infrico Z1 Z3 ZX3 Bottle Cooler
Choke/Ballast For Lamp - Infrico ZX10 Fridge
Lamp Tube 36w - Infrico ZS3 NZ3 ZX20 Bottle Cooler
18w Lamp Tube - Infrico ZX2 ZX20 NZ2
Lamp Tube - Infrico NZ1 ZX10 Bottle Cooler
Sliding Lid - Infrico EFP1000 Fridge
Front Grill - Infrico - ZXS2
Spacer Bar 1/4 - Infrico Bench Chiller
Drawer Front - Infrico - MSG2000
SUPERSEDED Fan Motor - Infrico ZXS1 BZBAR2-5 Fridge
Condensor Fan Motor - Infrico NZ2 Bottle Cooler
Condensor Fan - Infrico 3 door ZX3 Cooler
Evap/Cond Fan Motor - Infrico Z2/32 ZXS3 NZ2
Drain Gasket - Infrico MP2300
Control panel Grate - Infrico 3 DR cooler
Grill Bottom Front - Infrico ZXS10 Chiller
Curved Front Glass - Infrico VIP2300 Fridge
Control Panel - Infrico ZS3 Fridge
Drain Pipe Complete - Infrico AGN1400 Fridge
Dixell Controller XW20L / XR10C - Probe
Clip for Drip Tray - Infrico EFP1000II Bottle Cooler
Pair of Drawer Runners - Infrico MSG1400 Fridge
Ladder Rack (Vertical) - Infrico BMPP2000II
Slide (Pair) - Infrico BMPP2000II
Wine shelf - Infrico ZS3 Bottle Cooler
Shelf Slide (Pair) - Infrico BMGN1960EN
Shelf Infrico ZXS1 Fridge
Ladder rail clip - Infrico ME100311 fridge
Ladder rack - Infrico ME100311 Fridge
Ladder-rack - Infrico ZS2 Fridge
Shelf - Infrico ZS2 Fridge
Shelf bracket - Infrico ZS2 Fridge
Shelf runners (white) x2 - Infrico AGN701
Shelf Runners (white) x2 - Infrico AGN701
Ladder Rack - Infrico BMGN1470 Fridge
Shelving Brackets for Infrico AGN1402BT
Shelving - Infrico AGN 1402 BT
Shelf Flat 1270mm x 350mm - Infrico NZS3 Fridge
Drawer Runner - Infrico Fridge
Shelf - Infrico BMPPF200011 Fridge
Shelf (grey) - Infrico BMGN1960EN Chiller
Shelf - Infrico - Fridge - MP1740
Drawer Runner Left Fixed - Infrico PN22 Counter
Right Hand Hinge Spring - Infrico BMG-15
LH Door Spring - Infrico BMGN1876 Fridge
On/Off Switch - Infrico ZS2 Z1 Bottle Cooler
Orange Light Switch - Infrico Z2 Z1 ZS2 ZX1 Bottle
Evap Fan Door Switch - Infrico AGN602
Green On/Off Switch - Infrico V2125T ZS2 Z2
Temperature Control & Display -Infrico MP2125
SUPERSEDED XW20L Dixell Controller Infrico bottle
Temperature Control & Display -Infrico MP2125
SUPERSEDED Temperature Controller - Infrico Freezer
Transformer - Infrico - ZX20
Mechanical Thermostat - Infrico EFP100011 Chiller