Company Details Porkka specialise in the design and manufacture of commercial refrigeration products for kitchens, restaurants and hotels which are in daily use throughout the world. Porkka has a wide range of commercial freezers to meet the needs of all types of small and large organisations and to cater for all types of stock refrigeration. The commercial freezer range includes small and light duty freezers suitable for smaller enterprises, through to large cabinets and blast chillers for larger business with multiple requirements. Porkka supply a wide range of medical refrigerators and medical freezers, designed to meet the specialist requirements of hospitals, doctors surgeries, pharmaceutical companies, laboratories and research centres. Porkka makes and sells a variety of commercial ice making machines, including ice cube machines, ice flake machines, and vertical plate cubers.

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Porkka Parts
Compressor Porkka CLM-GNS1-CH Fridge
Condensor Coil - Porkka F840 Walk In Freezer
Remote heat dump unit - Porkka 9470055
Condensor coil - Porkka BC710 / 9010153
Condenser Fan motor counter Unit - Porkka
Condenser Fan Motor - Porkka Fridge
Controller - Porkka CLM-GNS1-CH Fridge
Dixel Display Panel - Porkka XW270K C940 Freezer
Dixel Retrofit Kit - Porkka Coldroom
SUPERSEDED Latch Assembly - Porkka - Coldroom - M0940CU-4LW
Inner Door Release Porkka Fridge
Latch - Porkka Mark 3 9470061
SUPERSEDED Emergency Door Release Porkka 9470055LM930
Chrome Door Handle Strike - Porkka CDC80 Fridge
Grey Door Handle Latch Assy - Porkka L2-C930
Key - 6000 Handle - Porkka Fridge
Evaporator Heater Tray Assembly Porkka
Migel KF165 Ice machine Drive Belt
Heater Wire & Alloy Tape - Porkka
Condensate Heater - Porkka C940
Element Porkka HLM126BM/HT111 Bain Marie
Element Porkka HLM126BM/HT111 Bain Marie
Evaporator coil element- Porkka F1120 Freezer
Condensate Heater Porkka 9617-016902001
Drip Tray with Heater Mat - Porkka Coldroom
Door Frame Heater - Porkka Coldroom
Heater Rod Set (2 Linked Rods) - Porkka Cold-Room
Heating Element - Porkka HLM160BM1111
L-Shaped Evap Guard - Porkka
Evap Coil Block - Porkka - Fridge - L7-F1130
Evaporator Coil - Porkka Cold Room M930
Evaporator Porkka BC-BF710 Chiller
Evaporator Coil - Porkka ULPPVU Walk-In Cold
SUPERSEDED Porka Freezer F840 Condensor Coil
Filter Medium - Porkka Walk-in Fridge / Freezer
Filter For Dryer Porkka CLM-GNS1-CH Fridge
Condensor Filter - Porkka LF1130 Walk In
Capillary 2.5mtr - Porkka F840 Walk-In Freezer
Door Seal - Porkka - Fridge - APV034
Door Seal Porkka HLM126BM/HT111 Bain Marie
Solid Door Gasket - Porkka TFU1422C-WS Fridge
Seal Porkka - VPS/CO14INOX VNS014INOX Fridge
Door Seal (585mm x 674mm) -Porka undercounter
Door Gasket - Porkka TFUR730C-SS
Door Seal - Porkka 9010162 Fridge
Door handle strike - Porkka MO940CG41W
SUPERSEDED Emergency Door Release Porkka 9470055LM930
SUPERSEDED Door handle latch - Porkka Cold Room
Door handle bracket - Porkka Cold Room
Handle Porkka CLM-GNS1-CH Fridge
Chrome Handle - Porkka Walk In Fridge - 7470051KONEL1
Nozzle/Water Spray Jet - Porkka Ice Machine
Complete LED Light Porkka F840 Fridge
SUPERSEDED Condensate Heater - Porkka - Fridge - LC930
Control Unit - Porkka - Cooling Unit
Spray Bar - Porkka KL21/22 Icemaker
Heat Exchanger - Porkka M4R0940C
Ring Mount - Porkka - Fridge -9470053KONE12/C
Tank/Valve - Porkka Ice Machine - KF75
White Fan Guard - Porkka - Fridge - C920
Evaporator Fan Porkka CLM-GNS1-CH Fridge
Condensor Fan Porkka CLM-GNS1-CH Fridge
Fan Motor - Porkka M0940CG Coldroom
Evaporator Fan Motor - Porkka TFUR722C-SS Fridge
Evaporator Fan Motor - Porkka URPPVU Walk-in
SUPERSEDED Evaporator Fan Cover Porkka 9470331 Fridge
Evap Fan Guard - Porkka - Fridge -
SUPERSEDED Display - Porkka Fridge
Dixell Viking PCB - Slave controller is XW260
PCB - Migel KV270 KV290 Ice Machine
PCB c/w Probes - Porkka ULPPVUF840 VPUF480-RHDS Cold Room
Hot Gas Pipework/Discharge Pipe - Porkka
T3 Probe Porkka Fridge
Water Pump Porkka KL31 Ice Machine
Water Pump - Porkka - Ice Machine - KL131
Water Pump - Porkka KL131 Ice Machine
Emergency Push Button - Porkka Fridge
Temperature Sensor Porkka CLM-GNS1-CH Fridge
Wire Shelf 650 X 530 - Porkka - Fridge - 720C
Shelf Runner Set - Porkka - Fridge - 720C
Solenoid Valve - Migel KV270 Ice Machine
Water Inlet Valve - Porkka KL51 Ice Machine
Klixon - Porkka 9617-016902001 9470326 9470053KONEL2-C Fridge
Rocker Switch - Porkka - HL Hotline Bain Marie
Switch Thermostat Protection Porkka
Evaporator Thermostat - Porkka KF185 Ice
Ice Bin Thermostat - Porkka Ice Machine - KF75