Waste Drain Pipe - Linea Blanca LC2300 Dishwasher 29mm Dia x 15000mm

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Part NumberASC48179
Model No. (multiple)LC23005X, 6X, 6XA, 6XL, 6XLB, 6XLE, 7XL, KD40, KD60, KD60E, KD60EAT, KD60M, KD60MA, KD60ME, N100D, N100S, N100VD, N100VS, N38D, N38S, N38VD, KD100, KD100A, KD100PSD, KN1100SD, KN11PSDD, KN800, KD37PS, KD40EPSD, KD40LEPS, KD40LSPSKD40PS, KN35, AF500, AF501, BETA250, BETA253, BETA258, GL56, , GL56S, GL56SPS, GS55, C600, PL109, PL112, PL114, PL215, PL220, BETA245, ONYX50S, SILVER45, STEEL510, STEEL510D, DS40D, DS50TS, LP35, LP39, E46, E50, E50D, C600, CLEAN221, CLEAN271, CLEAN272, CLEAN161, MISTRAL51D, MISTRAL51PS, BE40, BE50, BE50T, C33, C34DGT, C44, B11, B15, BD11, LP61, LP61H, , D500LS, D501LS, LB044, LB044P, LP045-10-000, LP048-10-000, 92 (AX290), 103U (DS35), 103UT (DS35 TOUCHE RL09 ), 104U (DS37), 77 (CX), 77 (FX), 144R (GASTRO11S), 14U (GASTRO11S), 373R (GASTRO12S), 34 (AX151), 34 (AX151HS), 34HS (AX151HS), 86U (DS45), 4R (STAR), 4U (STAR), E45P, , LB40, LB40DG, LB40DGP, LS005, 350, 360, 363, 361, CLG26DNA-10, ECOMAX 500, H500, GS100, GS16, GS18, A-1280, A-1580-T, A-1800, C-3770-T, C-4650-T, C-5250-T, GS-4, 8033, 8034DGT, 8044, K8033, K8034, K8044, BE35 KOMEL, BE40 KOMEL, BE50 KOMEL, KLP61, KLP61H, COMPACK B40, COMPACK B43,

Our standard charge for UK deliveries up to 30kg in weight is £8.95 plus VAT. Except for; Scottish Highlands/Island, Isle of Man, Scilly Isles, Channel Islands, Northern Ireland which would be £14.95 plus VAT. If you are based outside of the UK, please contact us on [email protected] with your address details and part information and we will be happy to raise a quotation to include delivery charges.

Our sales team are happy to help with any queries you may have, please contact us on 01425 632800 or email us at [email protected]

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