Element Seal / Gasket 23mm x 46mm - Lincat Water Boiler

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GA05 Element Seal / Gasket 23mm x 46mm - Lincat Water Boiler. Fits following models for manufacturers COLGED: BETA235, GL43, ISYTECH38-10 D, ISYTECH38-11 D, ISYTECH38-11 GD, ISYTECH38-12 D, ISYTECH38-13 D, ISYTECH38-13 GD, NEOTECH500, NEOTECH500-2, NEOTECH500-2P, NEOTECH500-2S, NEOTECH500DDP, NEOTECH500G, NEOTECH500GS, NEOTECH600, NEOTECH600-2, NEOTECH600-2P, NEOTECH600-2S, NEOTECH600G, NEOTECH600GS, NEOTECH600GSLP, NEOTECH600PS, NEOTECH700, NEOTECH800CRP, NEOTECH800DP, PROTECH411G, PROTECH411GCLS, PROTECH611, PROTECH611G, PROTECH611GCLS, STARTECH605, STARTECH605-2, STARTECH605P-2, STARTECH605S-2, STARTECH705, STEEL31H, STEEL31R, STEEL31S, STEEL31S NSM, STEELTECH13-00, STEELTECH13-00D13A, STEELTECH14-00, STEELTECH14-00D13A. ELETTROBAR: E40H C.T, FAST130R, FAST135, FAST135D, FAST135H-2, FAST140R, FAST140S, FAST145-2, FAST145-2S, FAST160-2, FAST160-2D, FAST160-2DP, FAST160-2P, FAST160-2S, FAST160C, FAST161-2, FAST161-2DP, FAST161-2P, FAST161-2S, FAST40, FAST40D, FAST40DE, FAST40E, FAST40R, FAST40S, FAST50, FAST50D, FAST50DE, FAST50E, FAST50S, FAST60D, FAST60DE, FAST60M, FAST60MS, FAST60S, FAST60SD, NIAGARA251, NIAGARA251D, NIAGARA261, NIAGARA261HPDP, NIAGARA261SA, NIAGARA271-2, NIAGARA341, NIAGARA341DP, NIAGARA341P, NIAGARA341SR, NIAGARA351, NIAGARA351DP, NIAGARA351S, NIAGARA351SDP, NIAGARA361, NIAGARA361D, NIAGARA361DP, NIAGARA361S, NIAGARA371, NIAGARA371BT, NIAGARA371S, NIAGARA42CD, NIAGARA42DE, NIAGARA42RD. ZANUSSI: LS32 (400000), LS32/4.5 (400001), LS32UK/RP (400002), LS32F (400003), LV32F (400004), C55 (400005), LV32/60 (400006), WT302 (400010), WT302/4.5 (400011), WT302UK/RP (400012), WT302F (400013), WT302/60 (400014), LS33 (400020), LS33/4.5 (400021), LS33UK/RP (400022), LS33F (400023), LV33F (400024), C55A (400025), LS33/60 (400026), WT303 (400030), WT303/4.5 (400031), WT303UK/RP (400032), WT303F (400033), WT303/60 (400034), LS61 (502000), LS61/60 (502002), LS62 (502100), LS62D (502101), LS62/UKRP (502102), LS62F (502103), LV62 (502104), LS62/60 (502106), ECOTEMP5 (502107), LS62/1P (502108), LS62HD (502109), LS65 (502114), LS62/UK (502116), LS63 (502200), LS63D (502201), LS63/UKRP (502202), LS63F (502203), LV63 (502204), LS63/60 (502206), LS63/1P (502207), LS63/UK (502208), LS64 (502300), LS64/UKRP (502301), LV64 (502302), ECOTEMP5S (502304). Fits many more models for these manufacturers, as well as a variety of other manufacturers shuch as EUROWASH, HOBART and MBM.
More Information
Part NumberASC42516
Model No. (multiple)EB3, EB4, EB6, 3X, 4X, AC800, AF402, , 40X, 40XH, 41XL, 50X, 60X, 60XL, 61XL, 8XL, 8XXL, 9XLBT, , BFT321-001, BFT321-011, BFT322-001, BHW, CB3, CB6, HW10, , BETA235, GL43, ISYTECH38-10 D, ISYTECH38-11 D,

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