Heated Gantry Lamps

A bridge is a useful and purposeful structure.  Do you ever think of your heated gantry lamp in this way? Probably not – but without it food service would be difficult and not as efficient.  If you need a spare part or accessory for this equipment e.g. heat lamp, lamp holder, dimmer switch or reflector, A S Catering Supplies is structured to help with this, we stock a variety of heated gantry lamps. Heated gantry lamps come in variety of sizes and end fittings and are both single jacketed and double jacketed.

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Tungsten and Quartz heat lamps are designed to heat food safely. They can be supplied with or without a safety jacket which is to protect the glass from contaminating the food. They're generally controlled by a dimmer switch. Heat reflectors are supplied to radiate the heat of the lamp. Heat proof cabling must be used.