Bain Marie Spares

Who cooks delicate dishes and keeps food at fixed temperatures? Mary of course! The ancient alchemist and bain-marie inventor; and why in Medieval Latin this appliance means bath of Mary. Sorry, you are here for bain marie parts not a trivia quiz. What does your bain marie need? We deliver: thermostats, elements, neons, switches and controllers – and if you can’t see what you want we’ll put our scientific heads on and figure it out.

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A thermostat is one of the main parts within a bain marie which ftogether with the help of many other components like heating elements, dials and knobs keeps your bain marie working. There are also other additional parts like feet, seals, taps, switches and solenoid valves which are important. A S Catering Supplies can also source lids, gas valves, neons and drain valves for your bain marie. 

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