Food Processor Spares

Where would you be without your faithful food processor? After all the food processor is multi-tasking member of your team; a whirlwind of whisking, chopping, grinding and generally showing-off her (of course she’s female – she multi-tasks!) efficient equipment. Like any diva, super skills and talent require attention; in this case many spare parts: rubber feet, paddle beaters, slicing blades or safety rod assemblies are just some of the accessories your food processor may demand - especially after those frenzied periods when she’s been working at full capacity!

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A drive motor is one of the main parts which features in a food processor with the help of many other components like ejector plates, handles, bowls and knobs which keep your food processor working. There are other additional parts like slicing discs, attachments, paddle beaters, lids and seals which important. A S Catering Supplies can also source switches, blades, guides and belts for your food processor. 

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