Water Boiler Spares

Business as usual and opening-checks underway, as kitchen staff prepare the food for the day. Orders start flying but there’s trouble and toil, someone shouts help! the water won’t boil! We need a water boiler spare part, on whom can we rely? Easy! says Chef, call AS Catering Supplies. Heater element, thermostat or cut-out switch, the team will find the water boiler spare part, whatever the glitch. If it’s a water filter required or tap assembly, they can be trusted to sort out the delivery. Sometimes water boilers do go awry so please call our team at A S Catering Supplies for water boiler spares.. 

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An element is one of the main parts within a water boiler which together with the help of many other components like the tap, thermistor, shank, probe and switch keep your water boiler working. There are other additional parts like boosters, knobs, rocker switches and relays which are also important. A S Catering Supplies can also source magnetic switches, capacitors, lids, neons and seals for your water boiler. 

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