Fryer Spares

What do deep-fried Mars Bars in Motherwell, fritters in Fulham and calamari on the coast all have in common...they love being deep fried! When a fryer is the backbone of your business you will be depending on it to operate well and daily. Whether your fryer is the main asset for your business or not, a well-oiled (excuse the pun) machine is vital. Fryer spare parts could be a thermocouple, gas valve, burner, new basket, thermostat, or element – whatever the spare you need, we can supply, so you can fry!

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A gas valve is one of the main parts of a fryer together with the help of many other components like an element, basket, thermostat and transformer which keep your fryer working. There are also other additional parts like piezo ignitors, knobs, potentiometers, thermocouples and digital displays which are also important. A S Catering Supplies can also source solenoids, piezo ignitors, handles, lids, gaskets, PCB’s and switches for your fryer. 

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