Bespoke Manufacturing Services

There are a variety of reasons why some pieces of equipment become obsolete and spares become difficult to acquire, eg - after a period of time the original equipment manufacturer withdraws support, or ceases to trade.

If you are in this unfortunate situation and either have a piece of refrigeration equipment that needs a new door seal or an oven that needs a new element, then we are able to have these items quickly and easily manufactured on a bespoke basis.

Efficient grease filters in your kitchen air extraction system are an essential element in keeping your kitchen clean and minimising the risk of fires. Whatever your requirement we can supply quality standard or custom sized filters to meet your needs.

For more infomation of each of these services please follow the relevant link below.

Bespoke Fridge and Freezer Door Seals

Bespoke fridge door seals and gaskets suitable for most domestic and commercial needs.

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Bespoke Heating Elements

Bespoke oven heating elements suitable for most commercial ovens, cookers and other appliances, manufactured to your specification.

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Baffle & Mesh Grease Filters for Commercial Kitchens

Bespoke grease filters for grease extraction ventilation systems in commercial kitchens.

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