Toaster Spares

Oh crumbs! Your reaction when your (normally) trusty toaster declares it wants to become an actor - dahling! and starts demanding new ‘parts’ (hopefully not comedy). Explain all actors need reliable day jobs (yes, you will need to talk to your toaster) and you have found the perfect casting agent with some replacement toaster parts: timers, knobs, copper links, selector switches, heat controls, thermostats and crumb trays –then butter your toaster up with “you were divine – much better than Bacon”, and it’s breakfast as usual. Commercial catering toaster parts are sourced by us at A S Catering, after all toaster spare parts are our bread and butter

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The control board is one of the main parts within a toaster which together with the help of many other components like PCB’s, fans, elements, cable assemblies and gear motors keep your toaster working. There are also other additional parts like relays, elements, thermostats, potentiometers, timers and knobs which are important. A S Catering Supplies can also source switches, brushes, motors and fuses for your toaster.

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