Ice Machine Spares

The Ice Trade boomed in 19th century Boston, USA. Ice was even exported to Europe. Then powered refrigeration melted the industry. However, the catering ice-age never thaws so ice machines need to stay frosty whatever the season, for chilling, storage & display or perhaps ice sculpting! The ice machine is quite a mover - dispensing, crushing, flaking and shaving – and ice machine spare parts are needed to keep a ‘cool-head’. Ice machine parts may include: water pumps, timers, filter cartridges, turning motors, inlet valves, water temperatures and ice-level sensors.

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A compressor is one of the key components of an ice machine itogether with the help of many other parts like the timer, pump, thermostat, water curtain and gasket keep your ice machine working. There are also other additional parts like ice thickness sensors, brushes, inlet valves and membranes which are important. A S Catering Supplies can also source capacitors, o-rings and doors for your ice machine. 

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