Bottle Cooler Spares

Keep cool and remain calm. Good advice, although not always easy to follow when the ‘heat’ is on at work! Fortunately bottle coolers are great at keeping cool, and with the right spare parts will continue to do so despite any chaos happening around.  Bottle coolers enjoy getting new parts such as fan motors, door gaskets or thermostats, and sometimes a new accessory – perhaps a shelf – may be just what they need for a ‘cooler’ image.

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A controller is one of the key parts in a bottle cooler which with the help of many other components like gaskets, timers and thermostats keep the bottle cooler working. There are also other additional parts like condensers, plugs, shelves, runners and compressors which are important. A S Catering Supplies can source condensate trays, evaporator trays, doors, and starter motors for your bottle cooler.

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