Bratt Pan Spares

Bratt pans are multi-faceted machines with the power to conjure up many different cooking methods: they’re kitchen wizards!  Bratt pans can fry, steam, boil, roast as well as stew.  But all great performers need assistance and we’re here to make the right parts and accessories for your bratt pan appear before you; these include: elements, thermostats, gas burners, contactors and micro switches - and if something is missing we’ll whip out our magic wand.

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An actuator motor is one of the key parts in a bratt pan which with the help of many other components like the element, thermostat, switch and fuse keep your bratt pan working. There are also other additional parts like handles, grommets, burners, terminal boards and PCB’s which are important. A S Catering Supplies can source knobs, lids, springs and pilot jets for your bratt pan.

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