Evaporator Clips -Mondial Elite 60's Range
Evaporator Clips -Mondial Elite 60's Range

Evaporator Clips -Mondial Elite 60's Range

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This is an evaporator clip, also known as a roll holder bracket. This part is compatible with Emmepi, Framec, Iarp, Indesit and Whirlpool. The clips will suit the following models: FRESH PR 40 C R134A, FRESH PR 40 R134A, MENU PV 60 R134A, B PR 60 R134A, KIC PVX 60, VISION PRX40 R134A, VISTA PR40 R134A, VISTA PV40 R134A, BACCHUS GENIUS STORE 40 R, BACCHUS GENIUS STORE 60 M, BACCHUS GENIUS VISION 32M R134A, BACCHUS GENIUS VISION 40 BLACK R134A, BACCHUS GENIUS VISION 40M R134A, BACCHUS GENIUS VISION 40R R134A, BACCHUS GENIUS VISION 60M R134A, BACCHUS GENIUS WOOD 40CC R134A, BACCHUS GENIUS WOOD 60CC R134A, BACCHUS GENIUS WOOD 80CS R134A, BACCHUS GENIUS WOOD MT40CC R134A EBA01W206, BACCHUS WOOD MT40CC R134A EBA01W406, BACCHUS WOOD MT40CS R134A EBA01W208, BACCHUS WOOD MT40CS R134A EBA01W408, BACCHUS WOOD MT40EC R134A EBA01W210, BACCHUS WOOD MT40EC R134A EBA01W212, BACCHUS WOOD MT40EC R134A EBA01W410, BACCHUS WOOD MT40ES R134A EBA01W412, BACCHUS WOOD OT40CC R134A EBA01W205, BACCHUS WOOD OT40CC R134A EBA01W405, BACCHUS WOOD OT40CS R134A EBA01W207, BACCHUS WOOD OT40CS R134A EBA01W407, BACCHUS WOOD OT40EC R134A EBA01W209, BACCHUS WOOD OT40EC R134A EBA01W409, BACCHUS WOOD OT40ES R134A EBA01W211, BACCHUS WOOD OT40ES R134A EBA01W411, BEV PR32 R134A, BEV PR40 R134A, BEV PR40C R134A EBA010422, BEV PR40C R134A EBA019222, BEV PR60 R134A, BEV PR60C R134A, BEV PV40 R134A, BEV PV40C R134A EBA030422, BEV PV40C R134A EBA039922, BEV PV60C R134A, I PLUS N40 R404A, ICE PLUS DV60 R404A, ICE PLUS N40 2 K R404A, ICE PLUS N40 R404A, ICE PLUS N40C R404A, ICE PLUS N60 R404A, ICE PLUS N60C R404A, KDVX 60 R404A, KIC DV60 R404A, KIC DVX60 R404A, KIC N60 R404A EBA2300151, KIC N60 R404A EBA290315, KIC N60 R404A EBA290815, KIC N60PA R404A, KIC NX60 R404A EBA2300131, KIC NX60 R404A EBA290813, KIC NX60PA R404A, KIC PR40 2 R134A, KIC PR60 R134A EBA170015, KIC PR60 R134A EBA170515, KIC PR60PA R134A, KIC PRX60 R134A EBA170013, KIC PRX60 R134A EBA170513, KIC PRX60PA, KIC PV40 2 R134A, KIC PV60 R134A EBA190015, KIC PV60 R134A EBA190515, KIC PV60M R134A EBA190052, KIC PV60M R134A EBA190552, KIC PVX60, KIC PVX60 R134A EBA190513, KIC PVX60M R134A EBA190053, KIC PVX60M R134A EBA190553, KN60 R404A EBB290315, KN60 R404A EBB290515, KNX60 R404A EBB290313, KNX60 R404A EBB290513, KPR60 R134A EBB170415, KPR60 R134A EBB170515, KPRX60 R134A, KPV60 R134A EBB190415, KPV60 R134A EBB190515, KPV60M R134A, KPVX60 R134A EBB190413, KPVX60 R134A EBB190513, WINE PR32M R134A, WINE PR32R, WINE PR40M R134A, WINE PR40R R134A, WINE WOOD PR40LC R134A, WINE WOOD PR40LS R134A, WPR40 R134A EBB010234, WPR40M R134A EBB010434, 850603601000 (ACO036), 850603701000 (ACO037), 850603801000 (ACO038), 850603801010 (ACO0381), 850603901000 (ACO039), 851277701000 (AGB777WP), 851277801000 (AGB778WP), 851277901000 (AGB779WP), 851278001000 (AGB780WP).
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More Information
Part NumberASC67663
Manufacturer Part NumberM3-1721398
Model No. (multiple) Elite 60's

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