Flat Seals for Fridge & Freezer Doors

Our flat seals are suitable for most types of commercial and domestic fridges, freezers and other refrigeration products. Below is our range of flat seal profiles - just identify the flat seal profile that you require and either call us on 01425 632800 or email us with the details and we'll be happy to give you a quote for a made-to measure replacement seal.

If you require a different type of profile, just visit the bespoke fridge seals page to view other options.

Type: 15-M Type: 15-R Type: 17-M Type: 18-M
15-M Flat Seal 15-R Flat Seal 17-M Flat Seal 18-M Flat Seal
Colour: White Colour: White Colour: Grey

Colour: White; Grey; Black

Type: 18-R Type: 19-M Type: 25-M Type: 45-M
18-R Flat Seal 19-M Flat Seal 25-M Flat Seal 45-M Flat Seal
Colour:White Colour: White; Grey; Black Colour: White

Colour: White

Type: 45-R Type: 100-M Type: 105-M Type: 121-M
45-R Flat Seal 100-M Flat Seal 105-M Flat Seal 121-M Flat Seal
Colour: White Colour: White Colour: White

Colour: White; Grey

Type: 127-M Type: 128-M Type: 135-M
127-M Flat Seal 128-M Flat Seal 135-M Flat Seal
Colour: White Colour: Grey Colour: White