Fridge Door Seal Replacement – Measurement, Ordering & Installation

Our range bespoke refrigerator seals show dimensional and colour information, with each profile type having a unique 'Type' number for ordering. 

To order a bespoke seal, please contact the sales team where one of the team will be able to help you through the process.

We offer the following classes of seal and equipment:

1. Flat Type Seals

2. Lip Type Seals

3. Impression / Dart Type Seals

4. Compression Type Seals

5. Rubber Seals

6. Silicon Seals

7. Special Equipment

We can deliver complete gaskets for every profile type, size and number, with or without magnet in classes 1-4 (above). "M" profiles are with magnet, "R" profiles are without magnet (hollow). Classes 5 and 6 can be ordered per meter or on the roll only.

How to Order a Bespoke Seal

To ensure that the seal/gasket we supply is an exact match for your requirements please contact the sales team, with the following details:

1. The "Type Number" of the seal profile you require

2. The exact size of the old seal/gasket from outside edge to outside edge in mm

3. For Impression/Dart Type Seals you can give three sizes (see details below): Outside to outside; Magnet to magnet; Dart to dart (centre to centre)

4. The number of sides that you require a magnet (see details below)

5. The colour


A quotation is available on request and is dependent on size, type of profile and quantity.

Delivery Time

Depending on the number of gaskets, average dispatch time is one week from order. 

Magnet Options 

When ordering we'll need to know how many sides of the seal require a magnet. The options are:

- 4 sides with 4 sides magnet

- 4 sides with 3 sides magnet, 1 side without magnet

- 4 sides without magnet

- 3 sides without bottom side (U-shape) with or without magnet

- 2 sides (L shape) 

How to Measure your Existing Seal

Flat, Lip and Compression Type Seals

Measure the following:

A: Outside edge to outside edge


Impression / Dart Type Seals

Measure the following:

A. Outside edge to outside edge

C. Dart to dart (centre to centre)


Impression /Dart Type Seal (Type 34-M only)

Measure the following:

A. Outside edge to outside edge

B. Magnet to magnet

C. Dart to dart (centre to centre)


Fridge Door Seal Replacement 

Before Installation

1. After receiving the gasket/seal, remove it from the box as quickly as possible

2. Lay down the gasket/seal so that it reaches the right environmental temperature

3. Wrinkles and creases (through transportation) can be removed with a hairdryer

4. Clean the door surface and gasket


1. Hold the gasket up by the corners (to prevent broken magnets

2. Install all of the corners first

For Magnetic Seals/Gaskets

1. After installation, magnet-gaskets can have less power of attraction

2. Sometimes the gaskets need a few weeks to reach the right power of attraction


If a corner is broken, it can be glued together with the 10 seconds glue. 

If Gasket does not close or seal well after installation:

A: Check that you ordered the correct profile

B: Check that the door is not crooked or twisted

C: Check that the gasket is not wrenched on the hinge side

D: Put the door, without hinges against the refrigerator, then re-install the hinges.