Green Neon - Lincat GM2 GR3 GBM3 Hot Cupboard Silverlink Models

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Lincat Green Neon Indicator Fits the following Lincat models: LSF LDF LCS LPC LGT GG1 LBR LBR2 LGR LGR2 LGG LGG/R LGG2/R LGG2/S GB2A/B/C GB3A/B/C GX2 GX3 GM3 GM2 GBM2A/B/C GBM3A/B/C PO49 LPO PO49X PO89X V6 V6/D V6F/D V7/4 V6/F ECO7 ECO76 DF49 DF616 HR7 V7 V7/C PB66 LSC CT10 BS3W DF46 GR3 DF33 J12 PO89 DF66 PB33 DF36 DF39 DF612 DF69ST DF612ST J6 J9 J18 CS4 CS6 HT3 HT6 HT7 GS3 GS4 GS6 GS65 GS6/T GS7 GS3C GS4C GS6C GS6C/T GS7C GS9 BA3 BS3 BM3 BS3G BA4
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Part NumberASC23667
Model No. (multiple)LSF, LDF, LCS, GBM3, LPC, LGT, LST, GG1, LGR, LGR2, LGG, LGG/R, LGG2/R, LGG2/S, LT4, LT6, LT8, LWB2, LWB4, LWB6, GB2A/B/C, GB3A/B/C, GX2, GX3, GM2, GBM3A/B/C, GBM2A/B/C, PO49, LPO, MW1, V6, V6/D, V6F/D, V7/4, V7/4, V6/D, V6F/D, V7/4, V6/F, DF49, DF616, HR7, V7, V7/C, PB66, LSC, LPW/LR, BS3W, DF46, GR3, , GM2, LGT, LST, DF33, J12, PO89, DF66, PB33, DF36, DF39, DF612, DF69ST, J6, J9, J18, CS4, CS4/G, CS6, HT3, HT6, HT7, GS3, GS4, GS6, GS65, GS6/T, GS7, GS3C, GS4C, GS6C, GS6C/T, GS7C, GS9, BA3, BS3, BM3, BS3G, BA4, BS4, BM4, BS6, BM6, BA7, BS7, BM7, BS3W, BM3W, BS4W, BM4W, BS6W, BS7W, BM7W, LPW, GG1, LGG, LT4, LT6, LT8

Our standard charge for UK deliveries up to 30kg in weight is £8.95 plus VAT. Except for; Scottish Highlands/Island, Isle of Man, Scilly Isles, Channel Islands, Northern Ireland which would be £14.95 plus VAT. If you are based outside of the UK, please contact us on [email protected] with your address details and part information and we will be happy to raise a quotation to include delivery charges.

Our sales team are happy to help with any queries you may have, please contact us on 01425 632800 or email us at [email protected]

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