Hot Plate Spares

Keeping food warm safely with efficiency requires reliable hot plate equipment.  Hot plates vary in size, power and capacity and have various parts. A S Catering Supplies provide elements, switches, thermostats, knobs and simmerstats for any make or model. Generally, hot plates are low maintenance equipment; they’re easy to clean and don’t place too many demands on you. So when they do need a part it’s because they don’t like being cold and can’t get a woolly jumper to fit. Go on - treat them to a new part.

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An element is one of the main parts found in a hot plate which together with the help of many other components like the top hotplate, plugs, thermostats and control switches keep your hot plate working. There are also other additional parts like simmerstats, and castors that are also important. A S Catering Supplies can also source pilot burners, induction coils, PCB’s and neons for your hot plate.

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