Laundry Spares

Grime is a crime for any food or health service. When laundry machines work we take them for granted, especially those doing the dirty jobs. For any laundry equipment we can supply thermostats, elements, pulley wheels, drive belts or drum bearings. These laundry spare parts keep the main elements of laundry equipment efficient i.e. temperature, time, mechanical action and chemicals. Laundry machines rely on a balance of these elements to operate well and we want you to reply on A S Catering Supplies for your spares.

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The motor is one of the main parts to feature in washing machines and tumble dryers which along with the help of many other components like filters, pumps, timers and switches. There are also other additional parts like capacitors, solenoid valves, elements and control panels which are important. A S Catering Supplies can also source drain valves, belts, drum bearings and PCB's for your washing machine or tumble dryer. 

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