Angelo Mora started Elframo in Bergamo in the 1960s. Elframo started producing deep-fat fryers and then followed these with a line of dishwashers. In the late 1990s Elframo also started producing home-made ice-cream machines. Elframo make rack conveyor dishwashers and glasswashers, fryers and traditional Italian ice-cream machines for the commercial kitchen. Elframo are known internationally for products that stand out for robustness, simplicity and reliability.

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We can source parts for various Elframo catering machines. Dishwasher models we can source parts for include the ET021 and BE50, as well as fryer models such as the EB6 and EWD12T. We would also be able to source parts for the Elframo ice cream machines with models including the Easygel 24.

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