Hobart, part of ITW, provide a diverse range of catering equipment such as washers, coffee machines, cooking and preparation equipment. Hobart UK is a renowned market leader in commercial catering equipment, manufacturing cooking equipment, warewashers and food preparation machines for the foodservice industry. A S Catering Supplies can supply a wide range of Hobart spare parts.

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We can supply replacement spare parts for Hobart equipment.


Hobart ovens, for example a few models 305G, HE4F6 and 205G.

Hobart Mixers, for example a few models, HR600, NCM30/40 and HSM40.

Hobart Dishwasher/glasswasher ranges, for example a few models, CHH50, UW120 and STBE40DUK-13.

Hobart waste disposal unit for example a few models, FD3-300 and FD3-200-D3.

Hobart Potato Peeler for example a few models, E6134 and E6110.

Hobart Water Boiler for example a few models, BRE7.4, B74 and BRE7.