Maidaid Halcyon

Maidaid Halcyon have been in the warewashing industry for over 36 years. Maidaid Halcyon also has an icemaker range offering floor standing cabinets and modular ice cube makers providing various size cubes or flakes. Maidaid Halcyon is a supplier of high quality catering equipment including glasswashers, dishwashers, utensil/potwashers, icemakers, bottle coolers, and espresso coffee machines. 

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We are able to source parts for Maidaid catering machines, including the C1010 and U132E dishwashers and the C400 and D510 glasswashers. We can also source parts for the M42-16 and the ICE30 ice machines plus many other models. We would also be able to source parts for Maidaid coffee machines such as the MBC2D.

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