Set up in 1960 and already revolutionary, Osborne Refrigerators continues to develop and adapt its machines. Aided by the introduction of Budweiser bottled beer in the 1980’s, Osborne refrigerators leapt to the top of the game with their environmentally friendly refrigeration. Osborne Refrigerators now manufacture more than just fridges expanding their range to milk chillers, bottle coolers and specialised, bespoke units. The eCold range from Osborne Refrigerators is one of their newer range of models that are proving popular. A S Catering Supplies can supply Osborne parts, often from stock. Osborne door handles and door gaskets are easy to replace, A S Catering can also supply parts that a catering engineer will need to replace such as compressors and fan motors.

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Osborne spare parts for their bottle coolers and fridges are often in stock here at A S Catering Supplies, their popular models include the 2500, 1800 and 2900.

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