Porkka specialise in the design and manufacture of commercial refrigeration products for kitchens, restaurants and hotels which are in daily use throughout the world. Porkka has a wide range of commercial freezers to meet the needs of all types of small and large organisations and to cater for all types of stock refrigeration. Porkka makes and sells a variety of commercial ice making machines, including ice cube machines, ice flake machines, and vertical plate cubers. A S Catering Supplies can source Porkka replacement parts such as probes, display panels, evporator heaters, condenser coils and lights. Just contact us with the model and serial number of the Porkka machine that you need parts for.

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Porkka also supply a wide range of medical refrigerators and medical freezers, designed to meet the specialist requirements of hospitals, doctors surgeries, pharmaceutical companies, laboratories and research centres. A S Catering Supplies can supply replacement spare parts for Porkka whose models include the ULPPVU range, F840 walk in rangeaand CLGNL-2-2-C.

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