Pie Cabinet Spares

Glass sliding door, lamp holder kit, thermostat, element, handles or door runners:  draw a pie chart into slices of pie cabinet parts and you hope the chances of replacing them are low.  It’s better to have some pie cabinet spare parts back-up though; after all, your regulars can’t resist your pie display behind the glass doors, or the smell of warm pastry when they are pie-eyed after the pub!  By the way, if there’s a ‘spare’ pie going, send it this way! 

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A thermostat is one of the main parts within a pie cabinet which together with the help of many other components like elements, knobs and handles make your pie cabinet work. There are also other additional parts like displays, shelves, door runners, covers and sliding glass doors which are important. A S Catering Supplies can also source lamps, bulbs, hinges, dials and feet for your pie cabinet.

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