Potato Chipper Spares

Chips owe their heritage to the good old potato. And it is old: cultivated thousands of years ago in Peru, the Incas used potatoes for both nourishment and healing e.g. rubbing raw slices on broken bones. Chips appeared in the UK much later. The first fish & chip shop is thought to have been around 1863 in Lancashire. Chips are here to stay so we’ll keep chipping (sorry) away to supply your potato chipper with blades, belts, bearing assemblies and switches. Potato chipper machines are such an essential part of any commercial kitchen, we can supply potato chipper spare parts quickly to get you machine running again.

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A knife block is one of the main parts within a potato chipper which together with the help of many other components like bearings, drive motors, knobs and handles make your potato chipper work. There are also other additional parts like cutters, drive belts, magnetic switches, safety guards and seals which are important. A S Catering Supplies can also source motors, bushes, springs capacitors and belts for your potato chipper.

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