Vacuum Pack Machine Spares

Easy storage, product protection and prolonged shelf life: benefits that make the vacuum pack a popular feature in professional kitchens.  We supply parts for all types of vacuum packs from light to heavy weight equipment.  Carrying out regular visual checks of the equipment or noticing any changes in performance helps identify when a vacuum pack spare part needs replacing – things such as a new lid seal, power switch, heat tape or heat wires.  If you need one of these or any other vacuum machine spare part call us at A S Catering Supplies for more information.

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A pressure valve is one of the main parts within a vacuum pack machine which together with the help of many other components like sealing tape, transformers, pumps and pressure valves keep a vacuum pack machine working. There are other additional parts like control boards, brushes, lids and seals which are also important. A S Catering Supplies can also source lift arms, sealing wires, knobs and valves for your vacuum pack machine. 

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