Vegetable Preparation Spares

Eat more vegetables! That’s what the 5-a-day campaign reminds us to do; and of course we do it because vegetables (and fruit) are tasty and good for us.  They also keep your vegetable prep equipment busy, therefore we have created our own ‘five popular parts’ check-list to ensure your veg prep machines maintain good working order:  1. Ejector plates, 2. Blades, 3. Bearings, 4. Switches, 5. Bowls.  These are the most commonly ordered vegetable preperation parts from our customers but we can supply any other vegetable prep part too just contact us for more information.

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The drive shaft is one of the main parts within a vegetable preperation machine which together with the help of many other components like the pusher brushes, bearings, ejector plates, motor shafts and blades keep your veg prep machine working. There are other additional parts like feed arms, dicing plates, ejectors, lids and spindles which are also important. A S Catering Supplies can also source graters, feet, gaskets, seals, knobs and pulleys for your vegetable preperation machine.

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