Pasta Machine Spares

Italy: home to expansive mountain ranges of varying landscapes.  Pasta machines vary in range too – there are versions to suit any type of business.  If you are a deli serving home-made pasta or an industrial pasta factory, there is a range of pasta machine equipment to suit all needs. These pasta machines icluding pasta boilers do have one thing in common; they require spare parts, and that’s where our range comes in: we deliver drive belts, gear sets, rollers, motors or cogs - any pasta machine part you need.

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A gear set is one of the main parts within a pasta machine with the help of many other components like the turning knob, motots and rollers which keep your pasta machine working. There are also other additional parts like elements, baskets and thermostats which are important in a pasta boiler. A S Catering Supplies can also source pullay and belt sets, electrodes and selector switches for your pasta machine. 

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