Slicer Spares

Planning, prep and presentation – sound familiar to you?  It’s a formula for most types of business, particularly the catering trade where time saving, consistency and precision are priorities. Thankfully, there is slicer equipment to give a slicing hand and the priority for this equipment is to keep it sharp with replacement slicer blades, sharpening stones and protect it with blade guards. At A S Catering Supplies we can also arrange delivery of new switches and blade removal tools to ensure your slicer maintains a cutting edge performance! All types of replacement slicer spares can be sourced by us at A S Catering Supplies.

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The safety guard is one of the main parts of a slicer which together with the help of many other components like PCB’s, rocker switches, belts, grinding stones and deburring stones keep your slicer working. There are other additional parts like sharpeners, guides, blades, tie rods and relays which are also important. A S Catering Supplies can source belts, motors, holders and switches for your slicer.  

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